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            Talent Philosophy

            We comprehensively evaluate skills and select various kinds of talent based on principles of public recruitment, comprehensive assessment, merit-based hiring and carefully select the best of the best.
            We are making continuous progress and innovations to offer endless development space to our employees. We sincerely embrace all kinds of talent to join us in creating a better tomorrow.

            Talent Training and Cultivation
            Our operating philosophy ‘Employee development is equally important to Company development’, reflects the fact that it is impossible for our company to develop without employee development. Building a learning organization and encouraging employees to learn continuously and exceed themselves, is the manifestation of our operating philosophy and human welfare system. We have invested more in human capital to boost and perfect human capital through funds, human resources and systems.
            We adhere to standards of learning organizations and innovative enterprises to perfect our training systems. Currently, we have established a multi-subject and multi-layer learning system that covers various phases of an employee’s career.