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            • Cash Logistics Management Service
              With highly trained employees and professional armored vehicles, Guardforce has led cash logistics management service in Asia since 1977.
            • Property Security Service
              Guardforce offers top property security services with specially designed vaults that comprehensively protect valuables, data tape backups and other articles. In addition, we also supply professional and reliable express delivery service to ensure that valuables are delivered safely and promptly.
            • Electronic Security Service
              As Asia’s leading security solution provider, we design and sell several advanced electronic security products to provide our customers with additional guarantee and reliability.
            • Guard Security Services
              Property and personal safety are strengthened further by Guardforce’s professional guards. Our guards have been extensively screened, and their background and quality have been comprehensively assessed.
            • Facility Management Service
              We provide comprehensive equipment management service, maintain commercial or public facilities, help customers lower operation and human resource cost and jointly create a better environment.
            • Extended Security Services
              To satisfy the market and customers’ high requirements for security services, we are committed to provide training, improve professional quality of security staff, and strengthen security operational conditions.