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            • Smart Transportation
              Smart Transportationis a process that fully utilizes IoT,cloud computing, artificial intelligence, automatic control, mobile Internet andother technologies to support and manage the whole process of first-level transport field covering traffic ..
            • Smart Hospital
              Smart hospital is a crucial part of a smart city system and comprehensively uses technologies including IoTin medical field, data fusion and exchange and cloud computing. By combining medical infrastructures into IT infrastructures, it can ..
            • Network Security
              China Security Co., Ltd. attaches equal importance to application and security, having rapidly integrated front-end network and background applications, which makes the Network security management in a more digital, connected and intelligent way. This allows for a full stack sensing and assuring network.
            • Smart Campus
              Smart Campus is an integrated campus environment for working, studying and living, based on IoT. With various application systems as carriers, it fully combines teaching, research, management and campus life. China Security's smart education system enhances management efficiency and improves allocation of school resources, making a more convenient school life.
            • Product R&D
              We have factories of more than 30,000 square meters in Shenzhen, Changzhou and other cities, own more than 200 patents and apply strict standard to product quality, with our products exported to all over the world and services applied in many fields.
            • Smart Buildings
              Smart buildings are building based systems that provide buildings, devices, office automation and communication systems with an optimized combination of structure, system, service and management. They give a safe, efficient, comfortable and convenient living environment.
            • Public Security
              China Security uses modern information technologies to build an integrated command management system for public security,a system that responds timely, provides uniform order and works efficiently in emergency, on the foundation of "technology, material and people" defense lines.